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We believe that right communication is the foundation on which individuals or companies create their path of success. Whether it is face-to-face communication or writing communication, a right dispatch entails establishing a communication that creates a long-lasting impression. Recognizing the need for development effective communication tools and techniques in Armenia, we strive for making our clients exceptional speakers.

Our programs are designed to fit the needs of students, working professionals and head of organizations. Taking into account the busy schedule of our clients, we pay special attention on their time and make our course maximum effective for all of them.



The program is specifically design to transform an individual to an effective speaker by providing him up - to - date communication tools and techniques.



The main goal of the program is to increase the effectiveness of organizations. The right way of communication will enhance the overall level of the staff confidence and will cause to high results in their daily work.



The Executive Training Program offers a unique opportunity for Armenian executives to broaden their skills and knowledge on Leadership, Communication and become the real inspiring leader of his company.

Rhetorico’s approach gives our clients the freedom to master new skills in an interactive way. Our clients have the network of highly selective people to collaborate and innovate with and continuously learn to circulate fresh ideas and strategies.

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