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What is the global role of Rhetorico?

Rhetorico is a public communication training organization that is specialized in organizing trainings in public speaking, leadership and communication. We strongly believe that public speaking is the skill which is highly important for the success of any individual or company. Thus, we help our consumers to become good speakers at the same time enhancing their self confidence and seeding strong belief of future success.

What is the mission and vision of Rhetorico?

Rhetorico is dedicated to support its consumers to gain and improve effective public speaking skills to become self confident and successful persons in the society.
The long term vision of Rhetorico is to build in Armenia a society of exceptional people by empowering them to fully believe in themselves and showing them the key to the door of success.

How does Rhetorico select the students?

Everyone who accepts the values of the company is kindly invited to Rhetorico. We are value driven company, thus we are looking forward the same from our applicants. Another important criterion is well-defined, clear and concise statement of purpose of the applicant that should describe the way he is going to benefit from the program and how other applicants will benefit from him.

How does the applicant register for the program?

Every applicant does register online. All the fields need to be filled in; otherwise the system will not work. After submitting the application, an instant message will appear and you will receive a notification from Rhetorico. In the case of any delay of the confirmation message, you are strongly advised to contact with the administration of the company.

What is the structure of the program?

Upon successful enrollment at Rhetorico, every student is building the program itself. The program has three mandatory courses (each of 2 months duration) and 2 elective courses. After completion of the mandatory courses, student selects other courses from a big pool of interactive courses suggested by Rhetorico.

What is the cost of the program?

The monthly fee of the program is 30 000 AMD. The program consists of 4 months, thus the overall cost is 120 000 AMD. Rhetorico is providing financial support in need-based form. Students may apply for financial support by submitting the respective application. Please, submit your financial application only after you become Rhetorico student.

What does the tuition fee include?

The tuition fee includes the cost of the education and other compulsory materials, such as printing, stationery, books and software.

In what language should the statement of purpose be written?

The letter can be written in either English or Armenian, with a minimum of 200 words.

What is the teaching language?

The courses are designed to meet the requirements of both Armenian and English speakers. It is based on the preferences of group mates. However, primarily all the courses on offer are in English.

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