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Introduction to Persuasive Writing

1. What is Persuasive Writing? Students learn what it means to create text that is both informative …

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1. What is Persuasive Writing?
Students learn what it means to create text that is both informative and persuasive to promote a good or service. First of all: how to you promote yourself and your skills? What do you have to offer to the world? Assignment: Write an elevator pitch to promote yourself.

2. Mechanics of an essay
What goes into the makings of a great essay, from choosing a topic to drafting a conclusion. Discuss the introduction, conclusion, body, how to start and attention to detail. Assignment: Choose a topic that is close to you, having to do with any aspect of daily life from politics to business to culture.

3. Tapping the creative mind
Creativity is not an easy thing to master. Some are simply born being creative while others need guidance to write descriptive, imaginative text. Are you born creative and if not, is it possible to become creative? Can you fake it? Where does storytelling come from? Open discussion. Assignment: Write a short fictional story to test your creativity skills.

4. Crafting effective sentences
Every sentence has primal significance in a persuasive essay or text for marketing and advertising. You have a limited amount of space on the page — how do you capitalize on it and sell your idea? How do you use the right idioms? How can you convince the reader that you know what you’re talking about and moreover, make your reader want your product or service?

5. Knowing your audience
Who is your readership? Let’s say you’re in marketing. Are you selling laundry detergent? Computers? Travel packages? How do you deliver the proper message that makes the reader go out and want to spend money on what you’re offering? Examine some examples, discuss, and come up with individual assignments.

6. Knowing your audience, pt 2.
Students examine each others’ individual essaysand critique in class. Based on the quality of the essays, the importance of directing the proper message to the target audience is reemphasized.

7. Debating through prose
How do you write about two sides of the same coin in an essay? Effectively explaining the pros and cons of any subject matter to provoke the reader to reason and decide upon the best option is an art in itself. Students divide into two groups to debate on a topic, then look at samples of such writing. Assignment: Write a critical essay in which you approach the subject from different perspectives.

8. How to write objectively
In quality print journalism, writing with an objective voice–in other words not taking sides–is imperative. To be objective you must stay away from conveying emotions or personal values and simple state the facts–who, what, when, where and how. Give as many details as possible but don’t express your point of view. In class assignment: Students collectively write an article based on a chosen topic recently in the news.

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