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Communicate with Confidence

Over the years thousands of students have developed confidence in their speechmaking abilities. As your confidence grows, you will be better able to stand before other people and tell them what you think and feel and know- and to make them think and feel and know those same things. The best part about confidence is that it nurtures itself. After your score your first triumph, you will be that much more confident the next time. And as you become a more confident public speaker, you will likely become more confident in other areas of your life as well. Confidence refers to the tone you use when you don’t have authority over someone, but you still want to inspire respect. Picture someone explaining an idea they strongly believe in.

Key questions to determine whether you are confident speaker or not.

  1. Am I enthusiastic about my speech topic?
  2. Have I thoroughly develop the content of my speech?
  3. Have I worked on the introduction so my speech will have a good start?
  4. Have I worked on the conclusion so my speech will end on a strong note?
  5. Have I rehearsed my speech orally until I am confident about its delivery?
  6. Have I worked on turning negative thoughts about my speech into positive ones?
  7. Do I realize that nervousness is normal, even among experienced speakers?
  8. Do I understand that most nervousness is not visible to the audience?
  9. Am I focused on communicating with my audience, rather than on worrying about my nerves?
  10. Have I visualize myself speaking confidently and getting a positive response from the audience?
October 8, 2014

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