Rhetorico Be Confident


We are always looking for big dreamers and action – oriented individuals ready to meet challenges and improve constantly. Your skills and experience are important for us; however we value insight and openness to change more.

Do you always ask yourself the below – mentioned questions:

  • Which role will help you grow?
  • What kind of impact will you have?
  • Where will you learn?
  • Where will you meet great people?

We’d like to help you answer these questions and to ensure that you can see your career and life advancement opportunities.
In determining if Rhetorico is the right career choice for you, it may useful to figure it out how your background, skills and experience may go in parallel with the opportunities.

It starts with the resume.

  • Your resume should accurately demonstrate your experience and specific achievements.
  • Your resume should deliver only true information, no inventions are acceptable.

Make sure your resume highlights your achievements and the impact you had based on your direct involvement. Tell us not only about your achievements at work, but also about unique successes that you have encountered.

Make sure to tell us about those situations when you have demonstrated initiative to take actions or extraordinary commitment. How do you make people believe in you and follow you?

Make sure to indicate all languages you are speaking fluently. You can also mention the languages you are eager to study or improve.

We’re always looking for effective, smart, talented, fun-to-work-with people who want to make a positive difference and contribute to the development of public communication strategies in Armenia.

We are confident that what we are doing is good. However, we think that YOU can make us better. If you agree with us, do not hesitate to contact us at careers@rhetorico.co

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