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Improve the skill most in demand by employers

Human capital managers consistently list communication as the No. 1 skill they seek in new employees. The candidates who get jobs and get promoted are confident and are the best communicators.

Make a difference

This is what most of us want to do in life – to make a difference, to change the world in some small way. Public speaking offers you an opportunity to empower people and make a difference in something you care about very much.

The Power of Public Speaking

People have used public speaking as a vital means of communication. Public speaking is a way of making your ideas public – sharing your ideas with other people, inspire them and to call to action. Effective public speaking is the process of designing and delivering a message to an audience. It involves understanding your audience and speaking goals, choosing main elements for the speech that will engage your audience with your topic, and delivering your message. Best public speakers understand that they must plan, organize, and check their material in order to develop an effective speech.

Rhetorico Educational program is giving you up-to-date strategies to analyze and to deliver right and effective speeches:

  • Speaking In Public
  • Active Listening
  • Analyzing The Audience
  • Effective Speech Writing
  • Delivering
  • Speeches for Analysis and Discussions
  • Speaking in Small Groups
  • Impromptu speeches
  • Platform for practicing

What you can do:

  • To engage and inspire people with your speech
  • Think analytical
  • Obtain representative and professional public image
  • Architect Strategic negotiations strategies
  • Use Managerial communication strategies
  • Feel confident and successful

Rhetorico is a public communication training organization that is specialized in organizing trainings in public speaking, leadership and communication. We strongly believe that public speaking is the skill which is highly important for the success of any individual or company. Thus, we help our consumers to become good speakers at the same time enhancing their self confidence and seeding strong belief of future success.

You can be an exceptional speaker. Apply now!

Every applicant does register online. All the fields need to be filled in; otherwise the system will not work. After submitting the application, an instant message will appear and you will receive a notification from Rhetorico. In the case of any delay of the confirmation message, you are strongly advised to contact with the administration.

  • Where: Erebuni Plaza Business Center
  • Time: 19:00-21:00
  • Frequency: Twice a week
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Cost of the program: 30 000 AMD (monthly)
  • Exam to get Rhetorico Certification
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