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Who We Are

About Us

Rhetorico is a public communication training organization that is specialized in organizing trainings in public speaking, leadership and communication. We strongly believe that public speaking is the skill which is highly important for the success of any individual or company. Thus, we help our consumers to become good speakers at the same time enhancing their self confidence and seeding strong belief of future success.


The long term vision of Rhetorico is to build in Armenia a society of exceptional people by empowering them to fully believe in themselves and showing them the key to the door of success.


Rhetorico is dedicated to support its consumers to gain and improve effective public speaking skills to become self confident and successful persons in the society.

Our Core Values



Respect is when you treat others the way you want to be treated. We consider Respect as the ability to see and celebrate the value in ourselves and others.



Excellence is our intention to the pursuit of highest quality. It can be seemed when we demand more of ourselves than others do. Excellence is the quality of hard work, which helps us to continue to set higher standards in every our initiative.


Kindness and Gratitude

We believe that being kind can allow everyone to achieve exceptional results. We define Kindness as the ability to act friendly and generous. Gratitude is being thankful about what we have.



We believe the main point of the advancement in any area - to whatever level one wants - comes through personal effort. Self-Reliance is forcing to take even the most challenging initiative and be the agent of change in the community.

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